Club Fitting live webinars

In this webinar the team takes you through their in-depth process of club building to ensure the club you are building matches what a player was fit for. The team also takes a look at the latest Drivers from Taylormade and compares them to each other, as well as the previous years lineup. Originally aired in July 2021.
In this webinar the team takes the viewers through a Wedge Calibration Session that opens to the door to proper wedge selection as well as adding another service offering to your business. The team walks the viewer through the process as well as how to interpret the information, and finally goes through the recommendations of what should be altered for the player to be more successful. In the product review portion, the PXG Driver’s are under the spotlight looking at the latest Generation of Drivers. The team compares the differences in this years products as well as shows the differences from previous years to help understand which drivers are similar and which are very different.
In this webinar Carson Hau analyzes the Accra TZ6 and the Accra iWood to compare and contrast both the shaft profiles as we well as polar plot
In this webinar Carson Hau dives into the Taylormade Stealth drivers and compares them to the previous years products.
In this webinar Carson Hau dives into centre of gravity and MOI information for the latest Srixon irons and compares them to different brands and models.