Baseline Testing

Baseline testing is an integral portion of Golf Lab Membership. It is usually our first interaction with the players golf swing, equipment, and mobility. It gives us an absolute benchmark for every major component we will be working with. We need to know exactly what our players are capable of before we can develop a plan towards game improvement.

Step One - TPI Body Screen

The first step on the road to playing your best starts with a TPI Body Screen. The TPI screen is composed of 16 assessments that can diagnose movement limitations that may be affecting your swing. TPI refers to this relationship as the “Body-Swing Connection”. After the test is complete, we have an accurate roadmap towards mobility improvement. Quite simply, our coaches need to see if your degree of motion is capable of the rotation and stretch necessary to properly execute a golf swing.

Step Two - Foresight Launch Monitor Data Collection

Next, we need valuable club and delivery data using the Foresight Sports GCQuad optical Launch Monitor. Test subjects will be prompted to take ten (10) swings with each of their PW, 6-Iron, and Driver. After the outlier swings are removed, the data is stored to be analyzed later to contribute to the personalized performance plan custom created for your swing.

Step Three - Swing Catalyst Ground Force Reaction

A huge number of players we see are unable to harness the extra power and yardage that is hidden beneath their feet. Test subjects take swings with their 6-Iron and Driver, their video feedback data is compiled and stored. Test subjects are then run through a series of tests to pinpoint which leg can generates the most power, how much vertical, horizontal, and torque force is added to the golf swing and how and where power is lost.

Step Four - GEARS 3D Motion Data Capture

Gears 3D is an optical (camera-based) system, powered by eight 1.7 megapixel cameras running at 360 frames per second. This analyses over 600 images and captures approximately 8640 frames per swing and calibrates the golf studio to 0.2mm, providing a detailed look at how the body and club perform during a swing. Subjects session swing data reveals every nuance of the golf swing and allows our coaches to properly formulate a personal performance plan perfectly catered to our clients golf swing.

Last Steps - Student Interview

The final portion of the baseline testing procedure involves a specially designed student interview. The series of questions has been formulated to reveal and test the subject's golf IQ, athletic ability and history, and their understanding of swing dynamics and ball flight law. Through self-assessment, test subjects reveal where their performance has stalled and what hurdles have hindered their game improvement in the past.

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