Quiet-Eye Improvement - Ping Pong Catching Protocol

This past week we finally presented the catching protocol we have refined since Gauti Gretarsson showed this to me 3 years ago. On the flight home from a visit to Iceland I went on Amazon and bought Ping Pong Robot. It was pretty hard to explain to my wife since we didn’t have an actual ping pong table!

Three years later I wish I had stock in the company. I get videos on a regular basis of golf coaches from around the world shooting ping pong balls at their clients. Last week we presented, and demonstrated, our 10 level protocol which has 5 variations of catching pattern with two variations of speed and delay time. Included below are some of our favourite images and videos from over the years. You can download our powerpoint from the WGFS below.

Click here for Presentation PDF

Ping Pong Protocol PDF

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