Changing Putters - What really happens?

In this video Liam Mucklow and the team at The Golf Lab use Capto, Foresight GCQuad, and Swing Catalyst to analyze the effect that CG location has on putter delivery and ball launch Boost Your Bag: How to Chip with a Hybrid Boost Your Bag: How to choose between a hybrid and iron Boost Your Bag: How to Hit Three Shots with One Wedge
Foresight Talks - Tour Professionals vs Amateurs

TXG X THE GOLF LAB // Part 1 - Physical Performance & Baseline Testing
TXG X THE GOLF LAB // Part 2 - Baseline testing featuring Swing Catalyst & Gears

Super Speed Underload/Overload Testing at The Golf Lab
Swing Catalyst Coaching the Club Golfer


Coaches Corner: Short Game Simplified
Coaches Corner: Proper Bag Set up