Learning Ball Flight Law with Spin Axis

Having a golf research studio allows us to collect very specific and exact data to then translate into a more efficient kinetic movement. What we can often overlook is the fundamental need of our students to understand the basics of ball flight law. Why does the ball do what it does? How does changing the club path alter direction?

In our last trip to Japan we found Spin Axis. It's a clever tool that packs a lot of information into a very easy to understand design. As you can see, Liam is pretty excited about it.

Galvin Green 2018 Team Europe Ryder Cup Uniforms

Do you hesitate to wear layers because it will effect your golf swing? You feel too tight in the shoulders and and your mobility is restricted. Well, ask the Ryder Cup Team Europe how the new Galvin Green jacket didn't compromise their performance...and we've got the numbers to back it up. Congrats on the win guys!