Club Fitting live webinars

In this webinar the team takes you through their in-depth process of club building to ensure the club you are building matches what a player was fit for. The team also takes a look at the latest Drivers from Taylormade and compares them to each other, as well as the previous years lineup. Originally aired in July 2021.
In this webinar the team takes the viewers through a Wedge Calibration Session that opens to the door to proper wedge selection as well as adding another service offering to your business. The team walks the viewer through the process as well as how to interpret the information, and finally goes through the recommendations of what should be altered for the player to be more successful. In the product review portion, the PXG Driver’s are under the spotlight looking at the latest Generation of Drivers. The team compares the differences in this years products as well as shows the differences from previous years to help understand which drivers are similar and which are very different.
In this webinar Carson Hau analyzes the Accra TZ6 and the Accra iWood to compare and contrast both the shaft profiles as we well as polar plot
In this webinar Carson Hau dives into the Taylormade Stealth drivers and compares them to the previous years products.
In this webinar Carson Hau dives into centre of gravity and MOI information for the latest Srixon irons and compares them to different brands and models.
In this webinar, the team is joined by long-time PGA Tour Coach Ralph Bauer to dive into the world of green reading and putting. Ralph provides information on what he's learned from working with the worlds best golfers and gives you the the road map on how to make more putts.
In this webinar, Carson walks through the identifying if you have the ideal bag setup and how you can ensure each club in your bag is performing well. Topics include the importance of a gapping session and what to look for when recommending hybrids and wedges.
In this webinar, listen to Carson and Liam explain the protocol developed by the team on how to optimize a player's putter. The team covers what is actually important during a putter fitting and how you can implement the process immediately!
In this webinar, Carson goes through the major differences between stock shafts and premium shafts. During the presentation Carson uses EI Curves and Polar Plots from both stock and premium shafts and how they differ from each other and in some cases, how they differ from each other.
In this webinar, Carson goes through when an equipment or swing change is needed. Carson covers the root problem of very common issues we see daily and how to address each through equipment and swing changes.
In this webinar, Carson Hau goes through the 2023 Driver heads released this year. He dives deep into the Center of Gravity Location, MOI, and Face Mapping to give you better insight on how each head would preform.
In this webinar, Carson Hau discusses in detail the 4 cornerstones of ball flight and how you can use each to improve your players. Topics discussed include the altering angle of attack, club path, face angle and dynamic loft.
In this webinar, Carson Hau and Ralph dive into all things performance when it comes too putting. Listen to Ralph provide insights on how he helps the best players in the world and how you can lower your students scores on the greens.