The Golf Lab is Canada's Premier Game Improvement Centre and is the most technologically advanced golf studio in the world. Our state-of-the-art facility harmonizes together to transform a golf bag full of variables into confidence-building constants that generate a blueprint for swing mastery.

When golfers come to The Golf Lab for an equipment optimization they are treated to a truly unique experience.

Golfers are tested in a brand agnostic environment tailored to optimize performance. What makes our process unique begins with our shaft matrix. All our shafts are unmarked and are custom made specifically for The Golf Lab so that every shaft has only 1 variable (either length or weight), this takes out the golfers bias towards particular shafts due to cosmetics. A Foresight GCQuad launch monitor is used to measure ball and club data during our 3 step process. Ensuring optimal ball speed and club speed are unleashed before matching a head for launch conditions. Golfers are then calibrated into our GEARS 3D motion system with both their original and new clubs, to discover why their new club performs better.

There are subtle differences between our Driver and Iron Optimization processes. main difference is During step 2 for irons they are measured from 50g-100g (10g incriments) in graphite or 90, 100, 110, 120 in steel. They are also tested in grip size for undersize, standard, counter taper, midsize and jumbo.