Golf Engineer live webinars

In this webinar the team takes you through 3D kinematic sequence and the efficiency model on GEARS.

In this webinar the team takes you through how we identify what a players max trail foot pressure should be as well as provide drills to help increase individual forces.
In this webinar, the team is joined by long-time PGA Tour Coach Ralph Bauer to dive into the world of green reading and putting. Ralph provides information on what he's learned from working with the worlds best golfers and gives you the the road map on how to make more putts.
In this webinar, the Golf Lab team walks viewers through how to identify a players key performance indicator to help a player improve faster. Topics will include, ball flight information, 3D motion, ground reaction forces and a player's physical capability.
In this webinar, Carson walks you through some of the most talked about things in the golf swing that don't matter. These topics include keep your head down, keep your lead arm straight and much more! Definitely a much watch for those coaches and players out there.
In this Webinar The Golf Lab Team dives into the key differences between coaching and training. Topics include going over timelines of coaching and training and what time of year different strategies should be implemented. This is a great watch for those who are looking to help their players take big steps this year!
In this webinar, Carson Hau goes through the variety of technology available on the market and provides insights on each product for those looking to invest in new technology.
In this webinar, Carson walks you through the most common physical limitations we see everyday and how you can work around these limitations. This will include the reasons why people are limited and what changes can be made to setup and the swing to negate the limitations.
In this webinar, Carson Hau and Ralph dive into all things performance when it comes too putting. Listen to Ralph provide insights on how he helps the best players in the world and how you can lower your students scores on the greens.