Technology Education

Better Understand The Strengths & Limitations Of The Technology.

The Golf Lab’s Certified Golf Engineer program gives participants a solid understanding of golf’s four most common measurement devices; Launch Monitors, Ground Reaction Force, 3D Motion Capture and Video Cameras. The course also includes financial models to help attendees make the best technology investments for their unique business.

Students are meticulously walked through the inner workings of each device so they can better understand the strengths and limitations of the technology. They will also be shown how to structure their technology use in order to provide maximum benefit to their clients.

We teach the use qualitative technology to determine and isolate Key Performance Indicators while ensuring our students are being exposed to multiple types of technology that provide quantitative information. They’ll gain knowledge on how each technology captures, interprets, and presents information, and are encouraged to use the principles of engineering to guide creative thoughts on performance.

For more information about becoming a Golf Lab Certified Golf Engineer, contact us.