Being a member of Team Golf Lab at King Valley is more than just taking golf lessons. It is the only program of its kind offering amateur golfers the opportunity to be coached like a PGA Tour player. For the last five years this program has helped golfers achieve a new level of performance, but most importantly IT’S FUN!

What is A Membership?

  • Access to a wide variety of services
    – All documented on an online data collection app Edufii
  • Skills Set Analysis
    – In-depth baseline data collection process
  • Golf Swing
    – Launch Monitor
    – 3D Motion
    – Ground Force
  • Short Game
  • Physical Screening
  • Private Coaching
    – 6 hours with PGA professional or 3 hours with Liam Mucklow
  • Equipment Testing
  • Open Range Sessions
    – Over 180 hours of supervised practice
  • Day Camps
    – 3 Unique experience for our members
  • Drop In Practice
    -12 hours of designated practice during the winter
  • Access to an extension team of coaches